Rules & Regulations

Library is a center of all academic activities of the institute, it has to Cater to the requirement of students, faculty efficiently and promptly. In order to achieve these objectives, the undersigned is pleased to frame following rules and regulations, which shall come into effect immediately. These rules and regulations shall be applicable to all its members without exception 

  1. At all time, complete silence shall be maintained in the library 
  2. Smoking, chewing Pan, consuming alcoholic drinks, tobacco spitting and such other unhygienic acts are prohibited in the library and its surroundings. 
  3. All the members using the library shall show discipline and avoid arguments quarrels and exchange of unparliamentarily words among themselves or with the staff members 
  4. The Library is an asset, hence it is to be used very carefully and preserved for the posterity. Such as damage to its property like books, furniture, walls, portraits etc. shall be avoided. In case any student been found indulging in such act of indiscipline the same shall be dealt with strictly as an act of misconduct.

Procedure for students to obtain membership: 

  1. The membership of the library shall be confirming to the students by issuing a library Registration No. This registration no will be assigned only after filling up the registration form and registering your Biometric impression. 
  2. The library Reg No is not Transferable
General precautions:  

Huge cash, valuables and such other undesirable items should not be brought in the library. Members having such items may be denied entry to the library.

Issue of books to students: 

Nine books for 21 days at a time shall be issued to each student. Fine shall be levied for delay in returning the books. Every student or the faculty member has to give biometric impression for every check in & check out of library. 


  1. Books will be issued to registered members of the Institute for 21 days, if the student fails to return the book in 21 days, fine of rupees One will be charged on per day basis. 
  2. Reference books and periodicals will not be issued for home reading. 
  3. Issue of clearance certificate: After the students completes the course or if a student leaves a Institute he/she has to obtain a clearance certificate from the librarian, which will be issued to him/her after verifying following aspects- – Dues, outstanding if any have been paid by him/her. 

Care of the property: 

Library is a valuable property which has to be used carefully and developed for the use of for its members in future. Such as causing damage or loss to the books, periodicals another library property like furniture, fixtures and portraits shall be seen as a major misconduct and following one or other actions will be initiated against the default remember.

  1. To recover the current cost of the books periodicals and search other library property along with suitable fine as decided by the director.
  2. Suspension of membership temporarily or permanently.

Rights of Librarian: 

The librarian deserves the right of preventing any member to enter in library, reissue or recall any issued boo as per need. In this case the decision of the librarian will be final and binding.

Modification or Deletion of Rules: 

The director and Librarian reserves the right to modify, delete any or all the clauses of the rules about if necessary library rules and regulations.